Hi, my name is Aki Järvinen and I run Game Futures. I have worked in games, in various creative roles, since the early 2000s and have a Ph.D. on the subject to boot. I have both development and research experience, and I have given talks in notable industry events ranging from Game Developers Conference to Casual Connect, and many academic conferences.

Currently I work as an academic at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK while building Game Futures, which is my latest research and consulting initiative. I am happy to share my insights around the subject in talks or in a workshop setting where I facilitate foresight work for the needs of your studio or game project. My current focus is research and development for Virtual Reality, but I actively follow Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality spaces and trends as well.

My consulting focuses around these main deliverables:

  1. Case study reports, e.g. analysis of published VR titles on Steam, with analysis of data available, from a creative and product strategy decision-making standpoint. Please contact me for a sample or have a look at the reports page.

  2. Trends & Scenarios Workshop facilitation ie 2-3 workshops with key stakeholders. Activities include goal setting, analysing trends and prioritising them, creating scenarios regarding a specific market space/platform 2-3 years ahead, and evaluating the scenarios in light of potential game concepts that fit the scenarios and the DNA of the dev team. During Q1 to Q2 2018, I completed a strategy project with a large mobile game studio. I am actively involvbed as a mentor at Nordic XR Startups, which feeds into my network and gives a vantage point to up and coming trends in the field.

  3. VR & AR Game prototypes. As an experienced game designer and executive, I know game concepts are best communicated in functional form. That is why I have invested lots of time into game development in order to become a more versatile and rapid prototyper. I graduated from the VR Developer Nanodegree program at Udacity during the spring of 2018, while receiving Outstanding Project Awards for my term projects.

  4. Game Design analyses of VR titles in development. Deliverables include evaluations of product strategy in light of market data and launch timeframe, and suggestions for design improvements. More detailed, focused versions of think pieces like this or this. This activity is similar to the startup mentoring I will be doing.

This is the primary focus of my consulting and presentation activities. However, I worked 6+ years in developing free-to-play games, so if you are looking for an expert to evaluate your game from a design (engagement/retention/monetisation) perspective, give me a shout. I have also lead creative ideation workshops for more than 10 years in gaming and entertainment contexts.

Please use the contact form if you are interested in my services. Thanks!