How to deal with the future before your next game project

Foresight is a set of strategic practices that can help game studios face the future in a more structured way. It combines identifying emerging trends, market research and scenario creation to create alternate views on the future. Forecasting can set the scene for the attention to detail that the highest quality game design and development requires. Read the article for my take on how to apply it to practice in game studios.


Image courtesy of GOOGLe.

Image courtesy of GOOGLe.

If you think VR is the sole future of games, think again 

People are excited about virtual reality for a reason: It presents the pinnacle for aspirations video game makers have always had, i.e. transporting the player into another place with the near-fidelity of the real world. VR peripherals are finally coming of age, with mass market solutions, with near-affordable prices. Yet, this leaves me wanting. Honestly, is VR all we can come up with when speculating about the future of games? Read on for my analysis.

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Coming soon: 10 trends shaping up gaming for 2017

Check back for this upcoming summary of consumer trends, technologies and marketplace developments that will influence how various forms of gaming will look like in 2017.