Palace of Presence

Presence is the unique aspect of Virtual Reality from a user experience point of view. I have set out to map the design domains that contribute to different flavours of presence. This work consists of research into VR designs in order to create a model that would help in analysing presence design in VR applications and inspire new ones. 'Palace of Presence' is a VR application, both a design and education tool, that I am working on, which makes to model come alive as a set of examples of design techniques and approaches, experienced in VR itself.  


Prototype development

I have been working on the '1st playable' version of the VR app from September 2017. It is a proof of concept which I will use to attract funding to be able to move into actual  in 2018.



The VR app is informed by my research into design patterns for presence. You can follow this work through my articles at Medium. 


Design talks And consultations

I am an experienced designer, speaker, and educator happy to come and tell you more about the model and how to use it in practice in your VR work. Drop me a line via the link below.